2018 Fruit Season

Greetings Everyone, I’ve been getting many calls lately so here’s the latest as of 5/23/2018; Keep in mind that the orchard has been hit two years in a row by hurricanes. The trees are feeling it. We have five varieties of Lychee; Sweetheart, Mauritius, Brewster, Emperor and Hak Ip. The first to come ripe are Sweetheart and Mauritius, followed by Brewster, Emperor and Hak Ip. This year (like last year) lychees will be limited. It looks like the Mauritius and Sweethearts will be ready around June 1st. I check them every day and will update via the e-mail list. There will be no Hak Ip this year.
Mango season is still about two weeks away from today 5/23/2018
The Wax Jambu trees have just now started to flower. Expect 2-3 weeks after that for available fruit. Remember to join our email list for the latest updates.

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