Florida Grande

Florida Grande Peaches

This peach is released jointly by the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, of the Texas A&M University System, and the Florida Agricultural Experiment Station, of the Ul}iversity of Florida. ‘FlordaGrande’ is a low-chilling ( ~ 100 chilling units), high-yielding, high-quality medium-early peach cultivar for commercial, U-pick, and home plantings in South Texas and South Central Florida.

This cultivar produces greater yields than previously available early peaches. ‘FlordaGrande’ ripens in early to mid-May most years, thus ending the harvest season for early ripening peaches before the peach season in more northerly temperate areas. This harvest season makes ‘FlordaGrande’ an excellent choice for planting with ‘EarliGrande’ and ‘Flordaprince,’ which ripen mid- to late April.