For Sale July 13th

Greetings Everyone!
I hope this note finds you well.

We will be open on Saturday 7/13/2019 at 10:00 am until 3:00 pm.
We will be selling Mango, Longan, and Wax Jambu

We only accept cash.

There are no more lychees.

Mango varieties available; Tommy Atkins, Haden, Valencia Pride, Irwin, Van Dyke, Malika, and maybe some others. Everything will be $3.00 per pound except Tommy Atkins will be $2.00 per pound. If there are any Alphonso or Kesar they will be $4.00 per pound. All will be pre-picked.

Longans are limited and will be pre-picked. They will be $4.00 per pound
Wax Jambu will be $2.50 per pound and will be pre-picked.
We may have some coconuts as well. $3.00 each.