Fruit Update 4/30/2024

Greetings everyone,

I hope this note finds you well.

I want to set your expectations for this year……..

….There’s no other way to say it…… this is going to be a bad year.  Although the trees flowered like crazy, they didn’t set much fruit.
After looking around today I didn’t see many; Carrie, Kent, Nam Doc Mai, Little Gem, Kesar, Alphonso  The list goes on.
Trees that are holding alot of fruit are Galaxy, Graham…that’s about it.  Other trees have a small crop like Fruit Punch, Philippine.

Most of the other growers on Merritt Island are in the same boat.  I spoke to somebody in Homestead and they are reporting the same thing.
The lychee crop will be small as well.

Stay tuned.

Thank you,

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