Miguel Avocado

Miguel Avocados

‘MIGUEL’ is large, productive, and of excellent eating quality. Commercial producers use it as compliment to Simmonds, because they have the same blooming period and opposite flower types.

Doni Avocado

Doni Avocados

‘DONI’ is Florida’s first quality avocado to hit the commercial market. It is large, tasty, and it is harvested before hurricanes become a threat.

Monroe Avocado

Monroe Avocados

MONROE’ is a superb cold hardy variety that is a commercial favorite in Florida and throughout Tropical America. The fruit is large, abundant, and of excellent eating quality.

Bacon Avocado

Bacon Avocados

‘BACON’ is a Mexican type avocado like Haas. The fruit is slightly larger however with a dark green almost black skin. The fruit eats very well having a rich creamy flavor and a skin that peels quite easily. It is a minor commercial variety in California, and it does have some history here in Florida as well. Having exceptional cold resistance it would be a good selection for connoisseurs in USDA hardiness zones 9 and 10.