The Alphonso is a seasonal fruit, available mid-April through the end of June. The fruits generally weigh between 150 and 300 grams (5.3 and 10.6 oz). They have a rich, creamy, tender texture and delicate, non-fibrous, juicy pulp. The skin of a fully ripe Alphonso mango turns bright golden-yellow with a tinge of red which spreads across the top of the fruit. The flesh of the fruit is saffron-colored.


The fruit is small, averaging a pound or less, and ripens from June to July in Florida. At maturity it may be green to yellow, but the fruit doesn’t develop red blush like other mangoes. The flesh is not fibrous, is orange and rich in flavor with a strong aroma, and contains a monoembryonic seed. The fruit are highly resistant to fungus.


The fruit is oblong and averages just under a pound in weight. At maturity it has a yellow background color with significant crimson blush covering the skin. The flesh is fiberless, soft and juicy, with a yellow color and sweet flavor, containing a monoembryonic seed. The fruit ripens from June to July in Florida.

Cotton Candy

Just as the name suggests this is an amazingly sweet mango variety, most people indulging in this designer variety mango for the first time extacticly utter the words cotton candy as their first words to describe its one of a kind flavor, This exotic mango is a round shaped mango and is filled with tantalizing flavors.

East Indian

East Indian is a traditional juice mango selected in Jamaica, but not well known outside of the island nation. East Indian fruit are oblong, with a smooth skin and a heavy wax coating.


The fruit is small, typically less than a pound in weight, with an oblong-ovoid shape and lacking any beak. The fruit ripens to yellow from green, and lacks any red blush. It has dark yellow and juicy flesh, which is fiberless and has a rich and aromatic flavor and contains a monoembryonic seed. It usually ripens from June to July in Florida.


The fruit is small and ovate in shape, averaging less than a pound in weight. At maturity it is almost entirely yellow, sometimes with some light blush. The yellow flesh is sweet, mild, and non-fibrous, containing a polyembryonic seed. Florigon fruit matures from May to July in Florida.