It has thin but tough skin which turns bright yellow when ripe. The fruit will develop an orange to red blush on 25-50% of its surface when exposed to the sun, while it remains completely yellow if in the shade. It has rich and sweet flavor and fiberless flesh (containing a monoembryonic seed), with a pleasant aroma. In Florida, the fruit matures from early June to early July.

Golden Nugget

The skin of the fruit turns yellow orange at maturity, sometimes with some pink blush. The flesh is yellow and virtually fiberless, with a mild sweet flavor, and contains a monoembryonic seed. It is usually of oval shape and weighs under a pound. Gold Nugget fruit typically matures from late-July to August in Florida.


The fruit is of oval shape, with a rounded apex that sometimes contains a small lateral beak. The skin is yellow at maturity, and is bumpy and undulating. The flesh is orange, fiberless, and has a rich and aromatic flavor with a resinous note.[


Haden was the first superior mango cultivar selected and named in Florida. The flesh has a full sweet flavor, and it is of excellent eating quality. The fruit is eye catching having a deep yellow base with a crimson blush. The tree is a vigorous large grower with an open rounded canopy. The only problems it has are disease resistance and a tendency to have “jelly seed”. The fuit are susceptible to spotting caused by fungus, and they tend to ripen from the inside out becoming slightly soft around the seed. The Haden remains an excellent variety for anyone that has the space for a medium to large tree. The fruit ripens from June to July.

Harvest Moon

This mango is very delicious; sweet with a fantastic creamy consistency. It looks good also (for those who care about looks in addition to taste). It is a very sweet, tropical citrusy taste with well balanced acidity. Texture is juicy and creamy.

Ice Cream

Ice Cream fruit are very small in size, averaging only eight ounces (half a pound) at maturity. The fruit tend to be yellow-green, lacking any red blush. Ripe Ice Cream fruit are green. It is a flat oval shape with a bumpy surface. The flesh is fiberless, rich, sweet, and spicy, and contains a monoembryonic seed. The fruit ripens from June to July in Florida. Its spicy sweet taste has been likened to Mango Sorbet.


Irwin fruit is of ovate shape, with a rounded base and a pointed apex, lacking a beak. The smooth skin develops an eye-catching dark red blush at maturity. The flesh is yellow and has a mild but sweet flavor and a pleasant aroma. It is fiberless and contains a monoembryonic seed. The fruit typically mature from June to July in Florida and is often born in clusters.


The fruit is comparatively large, some reaching up to several pounds in weight. They are of ovoid shape with a rounded apex lacking a beak. The skin color is typically green with some light red blush. The flesh has fibers, tangy and sweet, with a monoembryonic seed. The fruit generally has good disease resistance, and typically ripens from August until September in Florida, often into October as well, making it one of the more valued late-season varieties.


Kent was selected in Coconut Grove, Florida in 1945. The flesh is deep yellow, sweet, aromatic, and virtually fiberless. The tree is a large vigorous grower which can attain heights of fifty to sixty feet if unmanaged. The most rewarding attribute is a bountiful late season crop. The fruit ripens from July to August.


The ‘Gir Kesar’ mango, also called Kesar, is a mango cultivar grown in the foothills of Girnar in Gujarat, western India. The mango is known for its bright orange colored pulp.