It’s Official!! The Root Boot

Greetings everyone,
I hope this note finds you well.  In one of the previous e-mails, I told you I had a forth coming announcement.  Well, today is the day!

With the grant of a US Patent, and the U.S. Trademark “Root Boot” the Root Boot is born!!

For the past three years, I’ve been working on a way to simplify the reproduction of trees and plants with a focus on fruit trees.  I’ve used this in my own orchard with great success.  Finally, after many hours, a lot of testing, and the help of a few beta customers, I got it.

The Root Boot is a simple device that saves on labor costs and simplifies the technique known as “Air Layering.”  Air layering is not limited to fruit trees.  Many different plants and trees can be propagated by this technique; we just made it easier!

The Root Boot helps commercial growers meet their sustainability goals as it is reusable and doesn’t end up in the landfill after one use.  Its simplicity helps reduce labor costs and its rigid construction keeps unwanted pests from destroying one’s hard work.  As the Root Boot’s volume is deterministic, growers can better forecast how much propagation media they’ll need.

On the hobbyist/ home gardener/ front, the Root Boot along with the horticultural ambassador, “Gighortus”, simplifies your entry into the “Gig Economy.”  Turn your home landscape into dollars.  No longer will you think of just cutting and trimming your landscape and throwing it away.  Put a Root Boot on it, make some plants and sell them on places like Facebook, Instagram and your other favorite social media platforms. 

The Root Boot’s innovative design creates a linear indentation for the placement of a stake.  Many root balls are destroyed after being potted up and having a stake added afterwards.  Pop off the Root Boot, add your stake into the indentation, secure with a rubber band, then pot up your new tree without having to worry if you’re going to hit the root ball and damage it.   

The Root Boot also makes for a great shipping container.  Why ship soil and water with the added cost?  Ship your plants in the Root Boot!

The Root Boot comes in three sizes.
Small Root Boot or the “Mini”
Medium Root Boot.
Large Root Boot.

All Root Boots are available in three colors, Black, Red, and Yellow.  The Medium Root Boot is offered in two types: Type A and Type B.  They are the same size and volume, but Type A can be used on a smaller branch.
Thank you all for your support. 

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