Mango & Lychee Update

Greetings Everyone.

Were getting close to opening and I want to share the latest information with you.

Lychees are starting to turn red but are still a bit small. I’m thinking at least another week and a half until they are ready. Expect lychee to be at least $5.25 per pound.

Mango Update
I’ve been speaking with other growers on South Merritt Island and I’ve heard numbers like this year’s crop is around 20% of last year’s crop. Basically, this is not a plentiful year for mangoes. Valencia Pride trees that in the past that have produced well, are almost bare.

So basically, be prepared to pay $3.00 per pound. We hope to have some mangoes in the $2.50 per pound range as well.

Wax Jambu
Trees are just starting to flower. Maybe in the middle of June.


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