Open for mangoes Wednesday 6/8/2022

Greetings Everyone,

Wednesday, 6/8/2022
From 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Florigon,Nam Doc Mai, Miracle, maybe some others.
Mangoes are $5/pound
We only accept cash.

We are sold out of Sweetheart lychees for the season. We will have very limited quantities of Mauritius and Brewster in 1 -2 weeks.

A few very important notes;
We are not a “You-Pick” operation. We will pick the fruit and have it available for you.

Please do not wander into the orchard. You will be asked to leave the property if you do.

Please do not pick up anything that you think may be some kind of fruit. The only fruit available will be lychee and mangoes.

Please do not bring your animals to the farm. They will not be allowed on the property.

Please be courteous to the others around you.

We are unable to hold fruit for you at this time.

Thank you

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