Opportunity for green mangoes

Greetings All,

I was going to give a farm update, but this weather is killing me.

The farm is being pounded by strong winds for the third/fourth day.  This is causing the mangoes to be blown off the trees.
So, there is an opportunity for some green/unripe mangoes, especially if you live locally.

I will be at the farm tomorrow picking them up.  I will have them available at 1:30 pm.  If you are interested, send and e-mail to with the subject “Green Mangoes” and I’ll get back to you.

Question: What variety are they?
Answer:    All the ones we grow.

Question: Are they free?
Answer:   No.  They are $2.00 per pound.

Question:  What kind of payment do you take?
Answer:     Cash.

Question: If you run out of these mangoes before I get there, can I pick some that are still on the trees, after you tell me no ten times and argue about it?
Answer: Yes.  They will be $75 per pound with a 10 pound minimum.

Question:  If the total amount comes to $15.00, can I give you $12.50?
Answer:    No.

Question:  Can I bring my pets?
Answer:    No.




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