Update on Lychee and Mango

Greetings All,

Let me give you an update on Lychee and Mango.

We are not a “You Pick” farm.  We pick all the fruit. 

We grow five varieties of lychee; Sweetheart, Mauritius, Brewster, Emperor, and Hak Ip.
Typically, here on Merritt Island, Mauritius, Sweetheart and Hak Ip come first followed in a couple weeks by Brewster and Emperor.
Not all trees produce each year, and different trees of the same species don’t ripen at the same time.  We currently have Mauritius trees that are at different stages, pretty close but not exact.

This will be a light year for lychee, that means not a lot.  As usual, Mauritius produces the most and Emperor produced nothing this year.
The price this year will be the following;
Sweetheart and Hak Ip $14 per pound
Mauritius $10 per pound
Brewster $10 per pound

We are looking at 5/27 or 6/3 to start selling.  If things change we will send out another email.
We will do the same as we have done in the past, we pick the fruit that morning and weigh out 2 pound bags.  Two pounds is the minimum.
Since the supply is limited, we will have a 10 pound per person or family or whatever I decide limit.  Some of you don’t like this idea, I think it is the right thing to do.  I have had people yell at me in the past, only to realize that they would have driven three hours and got nothing as I can sell all the lychees and Carrie mangoes to one person(s) multiple times.  We are trying to accommodate the most people we can and there are no guarantees.

Again, this is a strange year, we have had a drought, a terrible wind storm, and torrential rains. 
We have lost a lot of mangoes but we should be good.

The majority of mangoes are still a few weeks away.  Some trees may come a bit earlier like, Florigon, Glenn. We’ll keep you posted.
Count on $5 per pound for mangoes.

Payment:  Cash is the only form of payment we accept.
Animals:   Animals are not allowed at the farm.

Thank you for your understanding


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